What will video do for me?


VIDEO attracts the younger “visual” learners; 2012 stats show that YouTube is 3rd most visited site, handles 10% of ALL Internet traffic with 2 billion views per day.  More stats here.

VIDEO builds your search results, with Google owning YouTube and a plethora of stats touting the popularity of search for videos, videos originating from YouTube rank higher in the search engines.

VIDEO shows potential and current clients how much you want to reach out to them/to help them get the most out of your product/your service. It helps those with time constraints or those who prefer visual content.

VIDEO helps clients get the most out of your brand.  It is more of a one-to-one experience.  It is the next best thing to Skype in connecting with your customer.  It can show your passion and humanity like no other medium.

VIDEO can give a face to your product/service… the most valuable asset to your small business… YOU!

And, believe it or not, it is much cheaper than it used to be.  Just look at some of the simple, yet effective, videos I have created out of AUDIO!  Yep, give me a pod cast and I will make it into a YouTube channel, who doesn’t want to tap into that 3rd largest search engine on the net?!

Folks, I was a broadcast engineer for 31 years, I know what it takes to make good quality video with your cellphone video.  I can help save you time and money by helping you understand how to record a good video with not so HD quality equipment.  I can set you straight on webcams that work best for $50 or less, and how to light the scene with household lamps/light sources and make it look better than many YouTube videos.

My expert lighting/recording opinion is a part of my video editing services.  If you just want some basic lighting help check out this very straightforward and enlightening blog about effective and simple lighting techniques from a Cowboy or from this blogger.  As for getting the best video from your cellphone (here is a great blog about this); as for your webcam… well that takes a bit more work.  Besides the best lighting configuration, you need a good camera (there are great Logitech HD cameras for $40), best possible bandwidth (make sure you have the fastest possible Internet provider in your area and the best package you can afford with your ISP), and a good backdrop (my example to the left).  And folks, I’m using my computer webcam for this, not my HD webcam.  It has settings that allow me to change “capture resolutions”, but I use CyberLink You Cam program with my webcam.


Contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

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