What is BD?

Simply put, its Bullheaded Determination.  And even though some competitors and co-workers have seen this as a detriment or pain in their you know what; deadlines, employers, and clients’ best interests find it a sorely needed ethic in this day and age.

This DOES NOT mean I get in my own way, nor do I use this energy to “make” clients see “what’s best” for them; I expect my clients to know their product/service, clients/customers and future goals better than I ever will (regardless of how great a research system I have).   I use my BD to find and offer suggestions and ideas that MAY work for them.  Using bullheadedness and determination on people is like spitting in the wind, it rarely works and always slimes something.  BD is best used on concrete goals like: best SEO for a new author/book; best/different plugins for adding a scheduling function to a website; finding a niche for every client… maximizing their customer base, etc.

Another way of putting this is, “Tell me something can’t be done… then watch me.”  I’m not perfect, sometimes I’m not even as fast as I want to be… but that’s why I add “determination” to this work ethic.  The task, job is not done when I get tired, it is done when it is completed to my clients satisfaction.  And if I can’t do it (sometimes I think I can, but find out you are best served by having someone else doing it), I will admit it and do what I can to offer suggestions as to where you can get the job completed.

BD is stamina, purposefulness, resolve, and answers/solutions rarely or never thought of.  Let me show you!  :-)

Contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

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