Website Multimedia

Alright, everyone knows original written content is the backbone of SEO.  But continual, original, multimedia content is not something your small business needs to do without, especially website multimedia.  Now-a-days it IS affordable, but is it right for your product, your clients?  Can you do it without looking cheesy?

In blogs already found on my site, I have shared how you don’t have to hire a staff to help with this… there are virtual employees, freelancers, and interns that can help with the content you don’t want to, or don’t feel you can create.  And the content you can create, well that just takes some discipline… well, and a video recorder/cell phone.  And let us not forget the wonderful content  and social media automatic (and reoccurring) posting that WordPress plugins can accomplish.  Yes, write/record the content once, then set the schedule and forget having to post new content for a while.

It is doable, it won’t break the bank.  With Google, who now owns YouTube, placing more importance on video content, you can’t NOT do it.  Did you know that the #3 search engine is YouTube?!  It is now the place to go for all generations looking for something not to read.  But think on this: does going this extra mile offer your clients a better understanding of your services, your product, YOU?   Of course it does.  It SHOWS how willing you are to help your clients, impresse customers with your knowledge, make new generations appreciate your willingness to meet them on their terms, and reasons for folks to talk about you.

So how do you decide if website multimedia is for you?

(This works for new and established sites.) Here’s the short list:

  • Check out your competitors (research your search); especially those who come up on the front page of a search on your product name or service description.  Use their keywords to find other competitors and keep a list of the keywords.  Do analytics, read comments on their sites, search Twitter to see if you can find out what’s working and what’s not.
  • Make a “best” client list.  What kind of clients will keep you in business the longest; whom do you need to start talking about your product/service/site; what other/similar items/services are they interested in?  What Internet site/social venue will you find these folks?  If you are an established site with any customers/clients… get in touch with them.  Find out why they come to your site and what they’d like to see changed.
  • What kind of content fits your product /service/ site?  Video, audio, written, and/or live.  You need to have a bit of each (especially start-ups).

Once the content and website are up, you really do need to keep it fresh and new as much as possible; isn’t your competitor doing this?   Using marketing sites/programs that have some sort of analytics is a great way to learn what works and what doesn’t.  Once you have a good overall online presence that will hold your clients attention once they see you, then you start your social and marketing campaign.  Understand your website is only the hub of your online presence/brand.

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