Web Training Options

Join.me is just one way I can teach you or your staff to be website DIYers.  Web training may not be a part of most developers services, but I enjoy it. Why?  Doesn’t training others to do my type of work cost me jobs?  No. Just look around, there is more work on the Internet that can ever be done by all the web developers combined!  So helping someone make the Internet a better place with better websites by themselves … it is a good thing for all web users.

Web training with Join.me and Skype

With Join.me I can either let my client see my desktop or I can see their desktop (if they sign up for the free join.me plan).  Then there is Skype.  With multiple webcams, I can see the client on one side of the screen, while showing them two different screens on their screen.  Most of this training will probably include some code talk; be it CSS, PHP, HTML, etc.  Some folks just don’t enjoy learning code or researching for the right way to blog.  This is where I can help too, by doing the coding part and training them or their staff on the rest of the work that needs to be done to keep up a site.

From a quick “Here’s how to blog on WP” one on one tutorial, to a DIY blog on my site.  Empowering clients by helping them setup a workflow that fits their tasks, needs, workforce, skill level, and budget is an honor.  And I always show and encourage “best practices”, because when they are followed, it is a better Internet experience for all web users.  The more we show web users that this is more than a place to socialize and shop, the more customers will be willing to spend on your website.

Fill out one of my contact forms and let us see if I can help.

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