Web Presence Tweaked

Do you have a LinkedIN page?

Are you an Author who sells your book(s) on Amazon.com; did you know about their Author Central?

In every online profile you have are you using all the free bells and whistles offered by that site to make you stand out?

Are you on all the sites you need to be seen on; LinkedIN is a must for everyone… but what about your profession, your clients, your industry, your career, your customers, your competitors?  Are there websites where you can offer suggestions, put your profile on, or make comments on blogs that will show what you know, etc.?

Are you where you SHOULD be on the World Wide Web?

Whether it is too time consuming or too confusing, your online profiles need to be: 1) WHERE they need to be to garner respect and the proper impression as well as being where your contacts (be they clients, employers, customers, collaborators, etc.) are; and 2) what profiles you do have need to be the best they can be.  Cutting and pasting one online presence everywhere is stupid because, if nothing else, it makes you look lazy.  Each profile needs to be tweaked for the folks using the site it is on.  Why tout “I’m a great counselor because…” on a site where other counselors are?  It should be like, “My specialties are… and this is why/how I excel at them…”

This can be time consuming work, because profiles need to be updated regularly.  Some need to be deleted or moved.  So do you know what your profile is or can be doing on:

Did you know they now offer your connections a way to endorse a skill you list (they can even suggest you add a skill), as well as their recommendations?  Do you know of all of the LI apps that can add all sorts of media and other content to your profile?  Do you know that over 500 connections makes you a super user, and if the majority of those connections are in your business…WOW… let me say that again… WOW!!  If you didn’t just shiver, you really don’t know what this means for your future!

(not personal accounts here).

How about a video post?  One of my clients tried this (the video I created from an audio recording cost him $60) and he increased his likes 5 fold!  Add photos to your posts, and make sure your page looks as much like your website as possible.  Be friendly; do more than post updates and news about your product.  Like other pages like yours (if they reciprocate, your posts will show up on their pages).  Have you added your blog posts on the FB sidebar?  Twitter AND FB have apps that will show your latest tweets here!  Is your site deeply integrated with your FB community?  Facebook “like” campaigns gives some folks a used-car-salesman feel,  the truth is if your product/service is reputable, fills a need, helps others, etc.; and you are NOT using the #1 social site in the world to get folks to understand ALL you have to offer them and why they should be interested… you are not doing your clients/customers, your business, your industry, (yes, even) your bottom line due diligence!

Tweak it to the max.  Oh, the joys of looking professional and smart.  On your Twitter account you can change your page background, your profile pic background, use your website color for your links, etc.  Make certain your keywords are here somewhere, and not just in your tweets.  Did you know you can link to an individual tweet?  And what they are planning to offer is worth checking out their advertising platform for business.

Have you added your header?  Does your background represent your brand? Does your channel name include your keywords?  Are your videos tagged with your keywords and are they in your descriptions?  Is your logo displayed with InVideo Programming on every one of your videos (play any of these to see my display)? Have you thought about adding a FREE clickable button to your videos via LinkedTube.com?  Are your videos organized into play lists that section out content that can be easier for your viewers to manage?  YouTube has more up its sleeves as it gains ground in the social networking field… have you thought about a video blog?  Are you using their LIVE streaming addition?  Yes, YouTube is now LIVE!

In short folks, if you are not sure what you need to have, where the Internet can empower you/your brand, contact me for my Web Management skills.  Initial discussion is always free.

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