Web Experience

Want to know about my web experience? First off Google me for the full list.  December 2010, I Googled myself a few days after I was laid off and found 3 results… UGH.  Now, WOW; and I’m not done yet!  But below are some highlights of my Web Developer stats.

Websites I’m Managing:

ParachuteJumpPublishing.com Note the web developer at the bottom of every page.  The owner of the site was very organized, so I was able to get this site up in 2 days.  Not including some fine tuning she wanted done.  Paulette’s story for creating this is very inspiring!

WhenMarsWomenDate.com  This is the first off chute of PJP.com.  It is a good idea to have a website for your book(s).  Even though you can post information all over the net to help market and sell your book; a website dedicated to it shows how much you want to engage your audience and it is the only way to have full control over it’s presentation.  On sites like Amazon.com Author Central you are limited to what you can present.

ProfessorRoberts.com  This was a site migration.  The Professors host said the free web platform he was using was no longer be updated, especially for Windows 8.  At which point he decided to see what was available.  Not only did he update the sites entire look and move it to WordPress; he decided to allow me to host it.  Undertand this is not something I am looking to branch out in; but I do what I can to make clients’ web life easier.

PrimeStrategies.com  The original website and blog were on separate sites.  They are now both combined into one site.  Design was by Andres Basso, the migration (including documentation of the old site) was my assignment.  This professionals business coaching skills are simply amazing.  She came up with my tagline!

TheCancerPath.com  This site recently went online after the author of a series of “Cancer Path” books was in the process of being launched by Dr. Paulette Sherman.  As her book publishing and sales grow, so do her sites.  They are very multi-functional in that they offer both free information, more detailed help through her books, and even one-on-one counseling.  If you know of anyone who is fighting cancer, her video blog is beyond inspirational.

AskAnAngel.com   After completing the migration to WordPress (as described below), I now just keep the sites updates and upgrades current.  In time, more current SEO and other social integration may be added.  Christopher Dilts is a very gifted spiritual counselor with many ways to access his help and guidance.  Checking out his site for your own benefit is suggested.

DianneLegro.com  Dianne is a multi-talented artist and counselor.  She was my first client.  I helped her with a newsletter via MyNewsletterBuilder.com for one of her clients.  The advice on her website goes beyond helping singers, speakers, and those needing help in these areas.  This was also a migration to WordPress that I was given control over after someone else had started the task.  It was more than an honor to work with and for her; her site (including her YouTube channel) is a must to visit if you do any kind of speaking.

Websites Maintenance/coding fixes:

AskAnAngel.com   This site has been around a while, and was migrated to WordPress the first of 2012.  Unfortunately the designer who migrated it was not as thorough as Mr. Dilts was led to believe.  Over a 6 month period of time I completed the transfer, while researching and/or recreating multiple missing pages and downloadable content.

DianneLegro.com  Was a site that was migrated to WordPress with only a few missing pages.  She had allowed me to practice my “documentation” procedures on her site, then when it was discovered that there were missing pages and links and… well a bit of work; she hired me to do it.  My documentation procedures not only saved a lot of rewriting, but a number of non-working forms and downloads.  I was able to save all but one of her singing downloads, which was inoperable when I was documenting the site.  As always, a privilege to serve this incredible soul.

OutcomesInc.com  On this site all I was able to accomplish is some CSS coding, making certain logos lined up, and paragraphs were aligned right, and an upgrade of a few graphics (yes I do that too).  Their flash graphics and java script menus are simply amazing, but not my work.  If I find out who did this work, I’ll pass it on.  Their healthcare information solutions provide more than I ever knew about the healthcare industry.

PrimeStrategiesBlog.com  There is no link here since this site was merged with the clients new WordPress site.  But at one point after we started working on the new site, her blog site was hacked.  And since it was a while before the new site was up, I was able to go in and get it back online.  But it seems the hacker was doing more damage to WordPress sites in that once you got it back up, you also had to rebuild sidebars.  Which was easy since I had already did a documentation of the site in preparations for the move.  The documentation had all the photos and content I needed to rebuild these quickly.

Websites Migrated to WordPress:

ProfessorRoberts.com Did you know websites created via Yahoo no longer will support the next Windows upgrade?  Windows 8.  There are many reasons to migrate to WordPress, and Professor Roberts book is a must read if you know of anyone who may be attending college soon.  His credentials and whistle blower style of writing will help anyone wanting to get out of their college education and cost what they should.

PrimeStrategies.com   Andres Basso designed this site, great job for the woman it represents.  I migrated the content from her docStudio site to the WordPress platform; and her old WordPress.com blog site.  I also did a documentation of her old site and her old blog site since she didn’t want some of the old content on the new site, but wanted to have access to it if she needs it.  The two sites were combined in this one new site.  One almost immediate benefit to the WordPress platform was that she was able to save her monthly cost of FormStack; WP integrates with multiple free amazing form plugins and Constant Contact.

Facebook Administrator for:

When Mars Women Date page I created this page with the help of the owner Paulette Sherman.  I was able to add automatic posting of her blog to this page, and I have done some marketing after its launch.

Ask An Angel page.  Even though I have not done much on this page lately, it was the first page I was added to as an administrator.  It is a great source for healing on the spiritual level.

Amazon.com Author Central page creation or editing:

Santo J. Costa, author of Humanity at Work and a blog that is amazingly insightful.

I edited and added the video.

Paulette Sherman author of:

Dating from the Inside Out: How to Use the Law of Attraction in Matters of the Heart

When Mars Women Date: How Career Women Can Love Themselves Into The Relationship of Their Dreams

A Shared Vision:: 100 Exercises for Couples to Co-Create The Lives of Their Dreams (Volume 1)

100 Ways to Treat Your Mate Like Royalty:: Under $10

My Quick Guide Through Breast Cancer: Diagnosis, Surgery, Chemo & Radiation

The Cancer Path: A Spiritual Journey into Health, Wholeness & Love

My Date with Cancer: 21 Spiritual Lessons

The create your own Cancer Path Workbook


I updated some of the information, added links to her new websites, and added some plugins.

Professor Roberts author of “Colleges Behind Closed Doors: What You Need to Know Long Before You Go”

I actually created this from scratch for the Professor. 

LinkedIN Pages managed/upgraded:

Paulette Kouffman Sherman: this amazing author, counselor, and speaker needed her LI account to be updated with a lot of content.  But she first discovered the “project” part of this powerful social network, and shared it with me.

Professor John Roberts:  Authors need to have some sort of web presence, and if you are going to limit it… this is the second most important place to be.  Professor Roberts has many amazing talents, and while working with me on the various projects he had me doing… we found how very computer literate/savvy he was.  If you know of anyone planning on attending college; his book and his website is a must.  He does not pull any punches when he shares his Economical, Managerial, and Student Advocate expertise to save new enrollees and graduates the fate so many are burdened with today.

Denise Pikey:  I use my legal name, but I always ask to go by “Den”.  Long story.  Anyway, I LOVE LinkedIN, and have connected with almost 500 amazing professionals.  Friends and colleagues and more inspiration than I have ever seen on one site!

YouTube channels managing:

The Cancer Path: is a channel that offers all types of support and help when dealing with cancer.  And things like the name update and the playlists and the editing of most of the videos on this channel have been a real pleasure.

Paulette Sherman: this is Dr. Sherman’s dating video channel and over time there will be more updates and changes to her lineup and look.

Santo J. Costa was one of the first YouTube channels I was involved with (besides my own).  From editing a number of videos seen on his channel; I was also allowed to dress it up a bit.  Great insight for those who need help with “Humanity at Work”.

Den Pikey Productions: not quite there yet, but I have updated some of the blingy things YoutTube allows us to do.  My clients work always comes first.

Twitter accounts updated:

@SantoJCosta: was the first time I ventured into adding bling to Twitter.  A photo with a background that matched his old site was all that was requested; but it was my first taste of having real fun with bling.

@Kpaulet: this lady has more inspiration in her tweets than many others I have chosen to follow.  She was good enough to let me help spruce up her profile page.  But with her prolific writing and numerous book publishing coming soon… I expect we’ll be updating it.

@VirtualWebAsst for my clients, friends, co-workers who like free help on the Internet and more of my DIY blogs.  I’m not done tweaking this profile, I need to create a few more graphics to get it up to my standards.

@goldDENest for my friends and those interested in hearing the good news of the day.  Well, not every day.  But over time I do like to pass along inspirational and happy news.


Contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

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