W3C Compliant

If you don’t know, W3C is the group of folks who help make the web function and keep it running as smoothly as possible.  They are the ones who set the standards and, from time to time, raise them.  On their site they offer an unbelievable number of free site checks.

So if you are a DIY webmaster, you really need to bookmark the site above and visit it regularly.  Or better yet sign up for their blog RSS feed (it is a small green RSS icon in the right column) which includes news and update information.  You can see the latest posts from it on the right sidebar of this page.

At the W3C you are going to learn the best way to keep your site compliant and more.  They have all sorts of tests which then gives you a report of specifically what isn’t right or isn’t working.  Granted to understand some of these reports you will need an understanding of some of the common Internet coding languages.

CSS, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, to name a few.  To learn these languages for free you can check out the W3schools.  If you want to spend the money and time, you can even get certified.  Then you can always go to YouTube and search any one of the codes you want to learn.

There are also very good online, very reasonably video courses.  I have used Lynda.com.  For a monthly fee (no contract to sign) you can learn all you can in that month, for a bit more they include the actual exercise files for you to use along with the instructors.  The thing I liked most about this school is their attention to “best practices”; and once you are done, you still have access to your certificates page… here is mine (so far).

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