Social Integration

Where is your business socializing on the Internet?  Where should you be to optimize your marketing?  There are many types of analytic programs and research that can help you with this, whether you have a website or not.  No matter how great a marketer you are, this is an ever changing industry so strap in for the long haul.

  • What social network are your clients/customers on?
  • What is being said (or not said) about you/your product?
  • Do you have a niche that your (possible) customers post on?
  • Is your industry cutting edge… are you?
  • Do your competitors use your keywords?
  • Is social marketing just a time consuming, fruitless endeavor?  Or do you… can you… will you use it to stand out?
  • What are your successful competitors doing about social networking?

As much as I advise my clients to reach out in the social venues they feel are appropriate, I also suggest bringing the social work they are doing back home to their website.  Any place your person or business profile, your efforts are online, this needs to be brought back and thoroughly incorporated on your website.

Sidebars filled with your latest tweets, quick access to your LinkedIN profile, or “guest blogs” on other sites shown on your is like icing on the cake.  Not only are you showing your reader your willingness to reach out to them where THEY are; but you are giving them choice as to how they discover you.  This allows them a quick and easy way to connect with you where they feel most comfortable and such social integration proves you’re the real deal.

If you are selling ANYTHING on your website, you need to integrate your other web info on your site!  Bring folks to your website where you offer all of the information and reasons to buy from you, enlist your services, hire you, etc.  Unlike your off-site web presence; on your website you do what you want, how you want; no usual limitations.  You can be all you want to be, and show your visitors that like nowhere else!

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