SEO Security

With constant changes on how they compute who gets the top billing when folks type in search queries, the major search engines keep SEO in flux.  As recently as December 2012 Google made changes to their “search quality”; more specifically their search algorithm!  Then there are the new players in the game.  Since Google now owns YouTube, you will find more YouTube links turning up higher in searches.  And, a tribute to Google’s determination to provide the best results in searches for their visitors, the search engine now considers a visitors location into the equation; giving local small businesses an edge over big business’s that aren’t in their area!  So what the heck is SEO Security? 

We all know that the way all search engines compute and update rankings is going to continue to change as “impatient short-sighters” try to get the top rankings by changing their website SEO every time engines have “updates.”  This can be costly and mind numbing for small business.  But even with the short-sighted folks vying for top spots on search results pages, the great news is as they are spending their time, efforts, and money on keeping up with the search engine game; while smart small businesses spend their time, efforts and money on creating long term SEO SecurityThis is a set of practices that search engines embrace and won’t try to circumvent, unless they want to stop functioning.

Simply put: original, creative, fresh CONTENT is SEO Security.  So many of the folks who get to the top ranking by adjusting their sites SEO, disappoint visitors to their site because they didn’t spend time on the one thing that actually keeps visitors coming back… content.  Continually publishing new and original content is not as hard as trying to keep up with the search engine changes, especially if you establish good habits that promote your relationship with your client/customer, not just a way to get their attention.  Years down the road, the web owners who concentrate on SEO are going to be gone or still spending time and money on keeping it up to date; whereas the smart business owner will have generated respect, loyalty, and purpose in their customers lives because of their plethora of content.  No search engine optimization can take that away from you.

And it’s not true that, “SEO ranking is critical for new companies,” or “SEO tricks are necessary for start-ups.”  No doubt “high ranking” is good for start-ups, but once you get their attention (which you will), what do you have to offer?  This is the main reason I applaud the most recent changes in SEO; what has worked from the dawn of time off line, is now being embraced by the online community.  Word of mouth!  As a veteran of the media industry, I’ve seen thousands (if not a million) marketing campaigns fail/succeed.  What works, what CAN’T be SEOed is word of mouth and respect.  And now with the Internet, with social networking, all you need is a few positive mentions to make SEO ranking unnecessary.  My point: which website is more prone to get someone to spread the word?  A site that spent time on a top SEO ranking or a site that offers more different, original, complete, varied media type content that helps them on the spot?  Do you think a top or first page/one line ranking is more impressive than what a potential customer gets when they Google your name and see pages and pages of links, choices of media to get the info they need?  Google Den Pikey, then tell me what kind of business/person you think I am (and folks in August 2011 I had only three lines/links  listed on Google!).

In a nut shell, working on creating a great site and content that proves who you are, what you offer, and how much you want a long term relationship with your customers is as important as getting that top position on search engine results The great thing is that creating a great site, original/creative/multimedia content IS creating long lasting SEO Security, not just SEO ranking today.

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