Research your Search

What the heck?!  Yeah, yeah, searching pages of Google results can be mind-numbing; but searching with your keywords/terms isn’t enough.  You are missing out on so much; you will be amazed when you try this search tip.

Example: I was looking to be an editor or writer once I was laid off, so I searched on job boards with those terms.  When I went to “” and researched “writer”; I found more descriptions/titles of this job than I knew existed!

So make sure you search under each possible name/term for what you are looking for.  Out of ideas?  Check your keywords/search words at or OneLook Reverse Dictionary.

THEN do some follow-up RE-search; i.e., research your search.  Just because you came up empty on your first few searches, or found what you were looking for… don’t stop searching.

Don’t forget to search your product, your name, your website regularly for bad blogs, comments, news, info, and posts.  Recently I did just that for my name, and came up a website that had posted a stupid and quirky old PPT presentation I had put on the Internet a long time ago.  It was listed under Mywebservices videos on the website Funny Humor Clips.  Ha, ha.  Whether you know it or not, this is one of the professional services I offer.  So I went to my YouTube channel and deleted it.  If it was just a funny subject, I would have left it alone; but it was a horrible representation of my professionalism and PPT skills.  So, bye-bye.  But then I went further, by adding some more PPT’s onto my YouTube channel to show potential clients that I can do professional PPT presentations.  So every so often look for bad “press” on your industry, your product/service, you; then work to prove how it doesn’t properly represent you because you either learned from the mistake or you don’t condone that sort of … whatever.

And remember what you found today, is old tomorrow.  Don’t just search new words or technologies; find out if what you have on your site is still relevant.  This kind of impression is worse than bad comments elsewhere on the Internet.

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