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Promoting your book online doesn’t need a website, unless you are not satisfied with what the other sites offer.  Personal websites do give you more flexibility, (if made properly) it is the hub of your online presence and allows you to shine unlike other authors who just have a hodge-podge web ubiquity.  And yet there are places to be seen, things to do to help you promote your book online.  (To the left you see some of the books of my author clients. )

Does an author need a Twitter account?

While talking about social marketing for authors one blogger said, “Pop into Facebook or Twitter for a few minutes every day and your marketing takes care of itself.”  And yet many have found this NOT to be the case.  And even though no “real” studies have been done on marketing books on social sites, the facts we do have are not promising.  This blog has quite a few details that support this.

So realistically, only you know if it is one of the many marketing venues YOUR book needs.  There are a few reasons to consider this type of marketing.

  • If you write a book “Crazy Tweets”, you probably would benefit from doing a tweeting campaign (and may I suggest using sites like HootSuite to bulk load your tweets through to the next… year?).
  • If you are someone who is familiar with Twitter and do it anyway, it is a great way to share your personality and expertise with others… which in turn may interest them in your book.
  • If your reader demographic is heavy into Twitter, this should be a part of your overall campaign.

There are some benefits that Twitter offers that the other social media’s don’t.  Many sites on the Internet offer you a way to add your tweets automatically to that profile.  This in turn, offers possible customers a short and quick way to see if they like the way you write on whichever site you add your tweets to.  And there doesn’t have to be a lot of tweets for a reader to ascertain if your style is to their liking.  It also shows that you are doing all you can to reach your readers, and many see tweeters as someone who is up with the times.

Otherwise a regular campaign on any social site (other than LinkedIN which is a must for anyone wanting credibility) isn’t the end all and be all that some tout.

All of this does not mean that the Internet isn’t for book selling.  To the contrary, how do folks find out about the books (paperback or e-book) they want to read next?  Each book, each author needs to assess their reader where they congregate and buy books.  What about the new author?  Well, that will require a bit more effort and strategy, which will include trial and error until their true niche is discovered or created.

Why do book Authors need to be on LinkedIN?!


1) It is a professional site that gives you an automatic boost in search results,

2) It is the best place (outside of your own website) to prove you know what you wrote about,

3) It is THE place to be seen for small businesses and professionals, your book is your business.

LinkedIN is the WORLD’s #1 database of professional people, and it is searchable.  Yes you must decisively organize and propagate your profile.  Then you need to connect with folks.  Either folks you know, or others you would like to connect with.  There is a trick to connecting with folks you don’t already know: either ask them to connect with you by putting in their email address or by clicking “See More>>” on the “People you may know” box; then click on “Connect” (This works for folks who don’t have many connections, at least for now).

After you get going you then can use your LinkedIN account to:

  • Market your book… and you.  And I’m talking about passive or energized marketing, something you probably have already done on your website or your author’s bio page already.
  • Search for agents, editors, media contacts, proofreaders, and even customers.
  • Join groups that may be interested in your book.  Being active in such groups not only gives these connections a chance to see your wit, your expertise; but such exposure may provide unmarketable reasons for connections to buy your book. You can also get some great ideas for marketing or other ways to promote your book from others who have already done this.

There is one final place you need to be seen, but only if you sell your book on  And it is better than any profile anywhere else.

Contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

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