Off-site SEO

As you may know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is ruled by algorithms, which take into consideration many variables before the final list of links to the query is generated.

Did you know Google has discovered many users count on LinkedIN as a vital source for many decisions?  So people with a LinkedIN Profile place higher than ones without.

Since Google purchased YouTube (the 3rd most visited site in the world!) and have noticed that many folks use this as their FIRST search engine (especially for product reviews, instructional videos, tutorials, etc.) they now use these results to rank websites with connections to it (especially ones with their own channel) higher in their searches.  If you have YouTube videos that pertain to your keywords on your site, you just moved up the list above competitors who don’t offer this media.

Guest blogs you create for other sites, sites with similar content that link to your site, and a myriad of the off-site web presence is what makes the difference in SEO. And the difference can be pages, not just moving up a few lines on a page!

Don’t like your page 50 ranking when you Google your keywords?  The fact is, unlike so much in this world, YOU can change it!  Even though time consuming and sometimes daunting, the fact is your ranking will change by being social and genuine.  The great thing is that some of this can be automated on your WordPress site (along with some other website platforms)!

Important Point here…

  • Let’s talk about the time (and it does happen) that a possible client hears about you or your service/product and they Google it. 
  • This point is so very important and one regularly overlooked by folks who are busy with their business… DO IT NOW! 
  • I mean it, open a new tab and Google your name or the name of your business/service/product; I’ll wait. 
  • How many links are there?
  • How many pages do you fill with reasons to visit your site?
  • How many links are detrimental to your name?
  • Such searches are what folks use to determine if they will hire you, buy from you, check out your product, or continue to your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In August 2011 I had 3 listings.  Google “Den Pikey” now and see if, by scanning the links provided, you can sum up what I do, how well I do it, and if I’m worth a click!  If your answer is yes, contact me now.  Your budget will not be an issue if you are willing to work.

Contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

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