Newsletters, a Marketing Must

First let me state that my 17+years publishing an 8 to 20 page monthly newsletter has taught me the respect this underutilized advertising venue deserves.  Especially in this age of electronic human connection and instant website access, newsletters (or e-newsletters as they are now called) are not only evolving, but becoming the extension of this great venue called the Internet.

For hundreds of years we had newspapers and print medium to keep us connected, to help us learn, keep us growing as individual and communities.  When radio and eventually television took over these aspects of our lives on a daily basis, newspapers and newsletters not only didn’t die but they became the only way to get the whole story.  Airwaves may afford us instantaneous information and connections, but their drawbacks are not only limited by space and time (many commercials even today are still limited to 30 seconds, news stories have maybe a few minutes to whole hour long documentaries; but still they are limited), but their interaction with individual is only one way.  Even though print isn’t as interactive as the newest medium, it historically has offered regular paths to fulfill this need: editorials, classifieds, letters to the editor… to name a few.

This brings us to today, the day of the Internet.  As television and radio are being assimilated by this venue, as is the written word in every form, the newsletter has evolved and grown as it consumes the second level of communication between advertisers and their customers.  Since it is now mandated that e-newsletters need to be subscribed to by each customer individually, or publishers will be inundated with “spam” complaints and legal problems, e-newsletters have now become the way individuals choose to learn the whole story, be privy to specific news about a product/company/movement, and even ask for ads to be sent to their personal email inbox.  E-newsletters are being subscribed to in ever increasing numbers because of their ability to be chosen by the individual and because of their ability to supply a myriad of information the publisher wishes to share with specific groups of readers on a more personal basis (as seen right in my first e-newsletter design created on, all content in these publications are the authorship of Sandy Costa).

Even though subscriptions are offered by other types of suppliers (YouTube being the biggest example), the e-newsletter can now include every possibly conceivable media in one publication!  With this digital age, newsletters can now provide video, audio, and direct connections (links) to all sorts of other similar details about the product/topic available on this WORLD wide web for subscribers education/edification/entertainment like no other connection!  Amazingly ALL in someone’s frigging inbox, at their frigging request!  Why every business isn’t using this ever adapting form of personal connecting, I can only guess is lack of knowledge of the publication’s possibilities,  or their lack of the ability to obtain all of the necessary personnel or skills to display their products/topics by these means, connecting them with their subscribers in ways no other venue offers.  As time and technologies catch up to this amazing extension of the Internets plumage of all encompassing media, I expect that will change since price (for video and audio) and understanding of the power of e-newsletters becomes common knowledge a the  elementary school level.  Or they could always just contact Den Pikey for help, advice, or finished media for their e-newsletters… but we’ll save that for a future session on finding ways to make newsletters more dynamic.  Class dismissed.

The latest development that greatly enhances this media’s notoriety is the fact that, with certain plugins, your blogs can be sent out automatically as newsletters to your subscribers.  Write a blog, set it up on a schedule or just post it, and voila… done!

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