New Website? Which Format?

Let’s make sure we are all on the same page first.  Understand a website has 3 basic elements to reside on the Internet.

  1. A domain name that has to be registered with a domain name registrar.  They are the folks who keep your domain name so no one else can claim or use it.  There are a myrid of such registrars now-a-days.  Just make certain they are accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).  You can see if your domain name is already taken by typing it in here.
  2. A web host.  This part of the equation has the computer where your website will reside.  These computers are not only online 24/7 (unless they don’t have good backup systems), but they are maintained and updated.
  3. A website of some kind.  There are many website platforms.  It used to just be HTML code that created websites.  This code is still necessary for any web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer… to name the top 3) to see a website.  Then there are the ways the content is handled.  There are e-commerce website platforms that are specifically set up to be an online catalogue of items.  If you just have a service or a few products; a CMS (Content Management System) may be your best bet.  There are many; here is a good list of the top 12.  The top three are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.  Each has its uses, but WordPress (which I have chosen to specialize in) is the #1 CMS today!

If you are not using one of those “free” website builders, the kind of website platform you will use is vital.  You either need to know a bit about what each offers; or have someone (like myself) help you.  Because moving from one platform to another can be costly and time consuming if you are doing it yourself.  So if you are going to DIY it, research this topicas much as you can.  At this stage of the game such researach will help you in more ways than you know.

The reason I reluctantly picked WordPress was primarily because everyone I was working with was using it and because CMS was the platform for me.  Once I saw all the different types of sites and support this platform has, well I began to appreciate its fame.  The more I work with it, the more I mold it to my client’s unique needs and dreams, the more I am an advocate of it.  There is nothing that surpasses this platform and its plugins.  I can’t prove it yet, but I believe it is also one of the best e-commerce platforms out there.  So are you sold yet?  If yes, PLEASE don’t buy a theme… yet!

Contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

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