Multi-media SEO

A picture is worth a thousand words; well actually when it comes to media on your website that sort of works in reverse.  You know that graphics, especially infographics, and video are hot now-a-days.  But did you know that too many graphics and videos can hurt your site’s ranking?  The search engine bots love things they can understand, like written content; but even when a graphic or video has long descriptive tags and meta data … bots don’t count them as much as written content with the same number of tags and keywords.

So how do you compromise this dilemma?  Videos draw visitors and to some degree increase ranking IF they come from your companion YouTube channel.  And who wouldn’t like a nice graphic that portrays the same information in less time than it would take to read?  It is a juggling act.  And yet, if your videos are actually loaded from your host server (on your site not on YouTube or some other video content site), it can really slow the load time down on your site.  When you are on the Internet, how long do you wait for a site to load before you click your back button?

Video: Did you know YouTube is the 3rd most used site?  Because of their popularity, websites with links to their channels place higher on search engine results!  Video is more personal, usually quicker, and much easier to remember than any other medium… for most folks.  The other great thing about video comes when you have your own channel on YouTube.  You not only get more web presence, but better ranking with Google.  Yes Google owns YouTube, but they have found that many folks START their searches on YouTube; so any product/book/service/brand that is found there… well it gets extra ranking and rightly so.

Graphics: Which is quicker a graphic that shows your product/service in action, or reading about it? Then there is the hot graphic of today … infographics.  I’m not really fond of the ones that are very busy, and yet these are the best if your customer is going to be looking at it over and over or for a long time.  Here is a good example of an infographic and you can see a few of mine above.

So how do you design a site that is dynamic with video, infographics and even sound; and keep your ranking with your awesome written content?  There are a few ways to juggle this.

  • Use smaller graphics that compliment your written content.
  • You can have most of your videos off-site, like on Vimeo or another video content site, and use (smaller) thumbnails to entice the visitor to click to your video.
  • Consider using larger infographics on long blogs/articles, the written content takes care of the bots, the graphic takes care of visitors in a rush.
  • You can create gallery pages where all of your videos or graphics or photos are available, and set them up so the bots don’t crawl those pages.
  • Use one or more keywords as the title of your graphic/photo/video.
  • Link your images to other posts on your site.

It comes down to knowing details about the best way to display your product/service, the best type of content for your clients/customers, and what your competitors are doing right.

Then you can go for the real bling of the Internet that draws all sorts of ooohs and aaahs!  Live broadcasts or podcasts!  And the with Internet Live almost always has a long after life.

Contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

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