Why THIS SITE: The Short Mission Statement

Okay, all sites have to begin somewhere.  Truth be known, I have clients already and more asking about my video productions so I had to have a place to display these large files… so jump-starting this website a bit early was almost a necessity.  The first time I logged onto the World Wide Web, I knew this was going to be a great medium.  Now as I create content and websites, my mission is to better the Internet; make it easier to search and find what folks need/want.  The great thing is that more governments are getting on board and legislating funds to get the Internet into every home (the UN endorses this as of May 2011).

I’m not a “get a life” geek; I was someone who was in trouble, I found myself adrift with a shrinking paddle; and I found more help, more information, more human interaction than I ever knew existed.  The Internet is not a connection of computers and software, but of people.  I met giving, caring, smart, wonderful people who, without the world wide connectivity of the Internet, would not be accessible.  Yes it is still a world that has bad people, and there are plenty of those on the Internet, but the good so outweigh the bad that the hope for a better world is now more possible because of this inter-connectivity.

Den Pikey, "If you only knew what I knew!"  :-)  About me, yes I am Den Pikey AND Denise Pikey; both names will be found on the web and they are me. But I have gone by “Den”, which is a nickname/shortened version of Denise, for decades.  You may be able to guess why when you look at one of my Twitter accounts.  Know that when I feel it important to put my legal name “Denise”, I do; otherwise I go by “Den”.  So if you see both names on the WWW know it’s all me; and in time I know you will realize, its all good :-).

To stay in the loop about this site and the other sites in progress please.

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goldDENest (note there are 2 d’s in this GoldDEN) is a venue for me to share all the amazing ways the Internet can help us better our lives; funny, heartwarming, compassionate stories, news, connections.

VirtualWebAsst is more of a business venue.  I have found and continue to find so many things (software, websites, services, information, etc.) that can help (mostly small) businesses stay within budgets, draw more clients/customers to them, and connect in ways that will grow their businesses worldwide that have never been available in centuries past.

One more final point: even though some of my blogs may show more of my personality than most business sites allow, it is still a business site whose main purpose is to show potential clients what I can do.  So part-time or full-time; day time, graveyard and even weekend shifts, in person or as a virtual employee… tell me it can’t be done, then stand back and learn; or at least be entertained.

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