Visual Marketing

A picture is worth… what?  Today, more than all the words ever printed.  Yes blogs are still being read and written, emails and ads of all kinds use words.  But Graphics and Video have become more relevant than most other types of media.  Most of us were raised on TV programs and commercials.  And in this hectic day and age of instant… well, almost everything; your brand, your product, your service, how you can help your client/buyer/customer, what you uniquely offer compared to your competitors, and why they should find out more… how do you do that instantly?!


These come in all sizes, formats, and styles.  Infographics are the new buzz word, yet all graphics provide information at least on some scale.  Graphic can even be art; many are true artistic masterpieces.  Whether simple like a logo… Nike, Coke, etc.  Or more descriptive or informative like, well an infographic.  And their uses go beyond what most can imagine. Check out my gallery.

Home Page Headers              Newsletters/email headers          Favicon/Website icons


Slider graphics                              CD’s/Audio file placecards         Social site bling


Blog/spot graphics and so much more… Check out my Graphics Gallery.



What is video but a bunch of graphics recorded over a period of time, well maybe with a spokes person or other type of human interaction thrown in for fun or effect.  Then there is the editing and sound effects; with such systems like Adobe Creative Suites mini-movies can be Oscar worthy, albeit not eligible for nominations.  Video can take a phone interview and make it more relevant, poignant, and interesting with graphics, sound effects, music, or video clips.  With YouTube being the 3rd most visited site and one of the top search engines… it is a “must be on” if you have any service or product to sell.  Here again it can be used in so many ways: audio to video, website presentations, tutorials, demonstrations, post-production (for those teleconferences that folks can review AFTER the live event), YouTube/Ustream channels, and animations to name just a few.  Click the infograpic of some of my videos below to see a full gallery of them.


It is rare that a small business enjoys the idea of dealing with any or all of the LIVE possibles via the Internet.  And yet some services or products almost cry out for this type of client/customer interaction.  Yes, you don’t just have to broadcast a commercial; you can interact with those who have signed up with your Teleconference, or Ustream channel, or YouTube production, even Microsoft PowerPoint can now be easily made into interactive presentations in video form!! What about Skype and the myriad of other forms available now or soon to be released?  My 30+ years as an engineer in Kansas City television gives me unique skills to know what it takes to make and edit stunning video.  My 17 plus years as a freelancer gives me the ability to stay within budget.  My passion for this media and the power of the Internet allows me to make the most appropriate video and publishing/broadcasting choices for your product/service within a budget, time constraints, or even your willingness (or unwillingness) to become the next big star.

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