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Having worked in broadcasting for 30+ years let me tell you there is LIVE and “as if Live”, both get a lot of attention.  And with the Internet, the number of sites that will stream (and record for later playback) your product launch for free, the number and functionality of mobile devices… there is no reason NOT to consider this option.  Especially if you are passionate about your product, service, and clients.

If you have a lot to say; if you know you can generate sales in a one-on-one meeting; or if you just want to be able to connect with your clients more directly… consider what LIVE! Internet can do.  And most of the sites/venues offer some type of FREE version.  And many offer two way communications!  Granted the BEST way to utilize this part of the Internet’s power is to be visual as well, but you can get by with bringing back some good ol’ radio time.  Ever heard of podcasts or webinars?

First choice for you is going to be whether you want live broadcasts that are also recorded, or just podcasts that customers can also listen to later while they jog.

The site that I’ve run into a lot is, and they have some very impressive clientele.  Even though it is in small print down low on the web page, they do offer a free radio channel that allows 5 folks to call in AND some free promotion.  But the cheapest package is only $40 a month and it includes prime time access.  Check out who is there, how they are using it; you may get inspired to go live.  For other such sites search “live Internet radio”.

THEN you can add video without getting in front of a camera with services like GoToMeeting (for other such providers search “webinar vendors, teleseminar, webcasting”).  The great thing is that you can just use the product photos you already have to create a PowerPoint presentation that will air during the live broadcast or along with your playback.  Even if you are not interested in going live on a regular basis, this venue offers almost instant reusable productions.  Have your friends and employees call or login to an “as if live” webcast asking questions and requesting specific details about the product/service; remember you are recording this webinar not really broadcasting live to anyone you don’t give access to.  Understand that for $50 a month subscription you can record as many webinars as you can in that month; and voila, you have great audio and video presentations with the feel of interactivity up on your website! Then you can cancel your subscription, or offer your clients the chance to sign up for future webinars, and if enough sign up it could pay for itself (and even more if your shows are filled with energy, information, and a bit of humor).

One more interesting service out there is  I have actually switched a live audio show.  You see I was in KC, one host was on the east coast and one on the west coast.  The event allowed folks to “raise their hand”, then I TDed (technical director was one of my duties as broadcast engineer) by switching on and off mics/computers.  The interesting thing about this service is that folks can connect via phone AND the Internet at the same time.  You could play audio files (like music) during your Live broadcast AND have a PowerPoint presentation played on the web.  All such events were recorded and you could edit the audio files and have a separate PowerPoint presentation for your re-broadcasts.  Their tutorials were very easy to understand, they also allow Skype connections.  If that’s not enough, you can create “paid” events where folks have to pay to listen, and Teleseminar’s $47 basic plan will allow 120 people to connect with you live!  The one problem I had was that one of the events I listened in on went over an hour and my cell phone battery died; so if you do something like this and it may run long, let your listeners know before you start so they can make backup plans ahead of time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Regardless of the site you choose, whether you are adding visual content or not, make sure they offer you a way to post your recorded or live audio streams directly on your website (and/or one of your social sites); and the other big perk to insist on is the automatic storage and replay of your audio either on their site or yours, even if you cancel your subscription.  Remember I’m available if you make a live slip of the tongue and need your cast edited for posterity, or just need some advice or help.

Before you say no, I would like to share is this ProBlogger page.  It shows how to utilize all the media available on the Internet, on one page, giving your customers a plethora of ways to connect and learn more about your product/services.  (Granted I’m not fond of his layout, sidebars would handle the different versions above the fold so folks can see at a glance what is offered.)  What a way to demonstrate how you really want to make sure they have the best experience.

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