LIVE! on YouTube

Yep, you can go live now on YouTube with your Google + account or business page.  YouTube is reporting 3 billion hours of video streamed per day. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that for their business?

Think of it, you can now partner with the biggest video network in the world, ranked #3 in all sites worldwide!  Live streaming isn’t new, but it is becoming increasingly more important in marketing plans.  And with YouTube you will be simulcasting on Google+ and on YouTube, and then YouTube will automatically save the event as video on your YT channel.  So what does it take to go live on YouTube?

  1. Log into Google+, either your personal account or business page.
  2. Click the “Start a hangout” button. (Check the “Enable Hangouts On Air” checkbox telling Google that you want to simultaneously broadcast your Hangout on YouTube.) Your first time will require verification with Google.  You will need to link your account with the appropriate YouTube channel and promise Google you won’t anything stupid, illegal, pornographic, or… well they will walk you through this.
  3. If you have done this before, or are done with the verification process then click the “Start broadcast” button on the screen.  As an added bonus, you’ll have a link and an embed code that you can share through all of the other social networks and on your website!

Here is the stats page to help you decide if this where you need to focus some of your marketing efforts.  Whether it’s live or not, video does make you stand out… if done right. I can help.

Other similar venues:

To be fair, there are other such sites out there that have been doing this for quite a while.  So if YouTube seems like too much of a reach right now, check out these sites…  Ustream is the largest live video destination site on the web. When you broadcast through Ustream, you’re not only reaching your current audience, but also putting your content where it can be discovered. The Ustream video network has over 40 million monthly unique visitors that can be a new potential audience for your content.  The Ustream experience allows viewers to:

  • Browse and preview content at the same time
  • Search and filter results by type including category and time since broadcast
  • See what your friends are watching
  • See what broadcasts are happening near you
  • Peruse hand-picked video from their editorial team is breakthrough technology designed for all users, from simple, casual use to professional live production. All that is needed is the desire to communicate, inform, and entertain. If you can use blog publishing platforms like Blogger and WordPress, you should have no problem using Livestream Webcaster, Studio and Procaster. is an Instant Social Networking™ chat site with many great features to enhance the chatting environment. You can use YouCams™ on your profile page or website. Members may grab the room list or hosted chat room code for use on their sites or profile pages. Their service allows site traffic instant access to an incredible chat experience.

Live may be a bit overwhelming.  If so, contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

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