“Impossible”… HA!

A client had a bad experience migrating his website to WordPress. He wanted the new site to look as much like his old site as possible.  Here is what he got on the first part of the process with another developer.

To some degree this difference was understandable, sidebars are widgets.  Widgets can be tricky to manipulate, before that you have to decide which widget and or which code (html, php, css, shortcodes, etc. ) to use with which widget.  When I was contacted to see if I could get it to look “more” like the old site, I ran into a conundrum when it came to the sidebar.

Even though I knew from seeing all the different types of sites made on the WordPress platform, was doable.  But surprisingly there was little useable info online.  I needed a picture in a picture in a widget, without a new widget (I was trying to stick with what the original developer had done so as not to add to the final cost of this project).  Some advice even stated that this couldn’t be done; that did it!  This is where my BD comes in handy.  Here is what I did only with CSS, HTML, and the help of the WordPress platform.  

Client… happy!  I’m giddy.  This is so much fun to a geek like me, it is better than overtime and a bonus!  Bring it on!

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