*FREE SB $97 theme

This theme came to my attention quite a while ago, and continues to impress me as time goes on.  It is, hands down, the best theme for brick and mortar stores!! It is not a free theme, unless you buy some licenses and give them to your clients (like I do).  Buying it outright is $97, or you can  *get it free when you have me create or migrate your website; it’s part of a *package deal.

It is a great theme for small business with almost an instant setup with perks not found in many other themes.  It was made primarily for small business that are starting up or starting/upgrading their web presence.

The Small Business Theme is created by Expand2web, and its perks include:

  • Automatic local SEO (great for brick and mortar stores since Google will move you up the list when keywords are entered and the users location is known).
  • Almost automatic FB page creation reflecting the design of your new website.  Easy branding transfer.
  • They even have a few business photos included.
  • It is a touch-enabled mobile site.
  • Adding images and videos to every page is in the design.
  • Flexibility of page design, color scheme, and so much more.

This theme is great for any small business that wants to increase their local client/customer base because of its focus on local SEO.

If you want to create or migrate your site, I offer this theme for free if you want it.  It is yours thereafter.  It is free because it will usually cut down the time I need to create a site from scratch, and it expedites the other functions that help businesses with their online presence.  Making my job more productive.

In fact, if you use my website create/migrate package, you can get a lot of function for less.  So contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

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