Finding Your First Keywords

Where do you start?  Ask yourself what you would type into a search engine to find what you have to offer?  Better yet, kill two birds with one stone; type in words that would describe your competitors without using their names!

Bookmark this search (it is filled with riches that takes time to mine).  For now you might be able to see which keywords your competitors use by viewing the Page Source of each page (IE browser/view/source; Firebox browser/web developer/page source; Chrome/tools/view source; Safari/view/view source).  Look for “Meta” throughout the page and you’ll know which words are keywords, if they publish this info.

You can always ask your customers and employees to sum up your business with one word or phrase.

Take all of these words and phrases then see who is using them now, how successful they are, and even discover similar words that are being searched a lot with few sites using them by putting them into a keyword tool.  And you can do this with free help.

The most popular free keyword research tool is by far Google Adwords: Keyword Tool.  And there are all sorts of ways to use it.  Check out for free video information about this and many other ways to earn money online.  (If you have Roku, you can also see his videos there.)

Once you have your keywords put them everywhere, but DO NOT abuse them.  Google has banned sites from their searches if they don’t follow their guidelines.  They tout they have “more than a trillion” webpages that guide website creators through best practices.  And since they are the #1 search engine of the world, not taking the time to do things their way can cost you.  And even though it is a bit less of a read, their Quality Guidelines for Webmasters should be on the top of your to-do list, also.

If you need help with this, contact me.  I do offer package deals that make this information affordable.

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