Offer Downloads to your visitors!

Downloads are a big draw, if they are done right and with the utmost of professionalism.  Also, have you ever signed up for a newsletter? Maybe you could use some download help for your website.

Do you have some good content, maybe a blog that gets more hits than your competitors whole site?  Why not make it downloadable?  Or into a video? Or … well read on.

Word Documents now a days can be made from templates that (once created) can be used againg and again.  They can be used to create a downloadable newsletter or even “how-To” book for your customers.  There is one thing most don’t use and should if they are going to give access to these document via the Internet… security.  Make sure you password protect your word documents like you can a PDF.  These are made to read, not copy and manipulate.  It just shows how important your topic, advice, help is.  This is especially true if you are using these as worksheets or questionnaires, etc.  So protect your documents and make sure your brand is all over them.  Keep it yours!

PDFs can be opened and viewed by anyone.  Even though you can get the upgraded PDF programs that can make your awesome content look like a work of art, you can pretty much create your downloadable document with any program and convert it to a PDF.  Two things here that I have noticed and now offer you some advice: 1) most PDF’s are not protected, 2) most PFDs are not secured.  Yep, I just said the same thing twice because I think it is such an important point.  Once your master piece is completed, protect it with the security that PDF’s offer.  I usually set PDF’s to allow only printing and changing the document so they can view it with programs that enlarge the print and photos.  Other than that, they have to have a password to edit it in any way.  In this day and age, simple security like this is easy and smart.

Newsletters or e-Newsletters are the advertising medium of today.  And unlike other venues in the past they reach more people than most small TV stations, provide interactivity like no other advertising platform, and can provide audio, video, downloads, links, graphics, etc. all in one email!  Where I can help is to create templates, that you use over and over, that look as much like your website as possible.  With my graphic artist programs and experience I can even enhanced the for seasonal, holiday, or special events.  Then there is the fact that WordPress websites can offer AUTOMATIC newsletter creation and emailing!  Write a blog and you are done!  Heck, write 30 blogs, schedule them to go out over 3 months, and get back to doing what you love… making doing business.

Each of these documents can be setup to be downloaded by your clients.  Downloadable PDFs are best for documents with detailed “how-to” or stats that may be best used when not near a computer or in a meeting.  PPT’s can be almost as good as watching someone show “How-to” on YouTube; but they can be printed out and used out in the field.  Old newsletters can be downloadable and viewable ON your website with all your branding intact.

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