Don’t Buy A Theme!

There are more WordPress themes available than anyone can completely comprehend: free themes, in-expensive themes, expensive themes, and (best of all) a theme made for your specifications.  This last one is WordPress’s standard “Twenty Eleven” theme.  It is basic yet: updated, ready for mobile devices, and more versatile than many paid themes.  But basic design means you have some work to do, but hey the theme is free; and one of the better ones to start with.

In my experience, the themes my clients have brought to me are rarely inclusive of the services, functionality, and design they want.  In some cases, as their Web Developer, I have to usurp some of the themes functions to get what is wanted in place.  This costs time & money.  So in essence they paid twice.  Ideally, at least for the way I approach a site, is to have a client send me links to other sites with a description of specifically what they like about them.  I think the biggest reason folks buy themes and then have someone else create the site is to save costs of designing the site.  And this is true, if you don’t want at least 40% of the design changed (either for the design aspects or the functionality).  But the truth is if you hire someone who has experience in creating different websites, with different functionality and/or purpose; the website creation will still cost about the same… minus the cost of the theme.

Disclaimer here: Yes, I am using a theme I paid for.  I wanted to get up and running as quickly as possible; I already had clients and they wondered about where to send folks who asked them about their site.  It did take me some time to find it; but not only had the flexibility and creativity I wanted, but it had a vast array of color schemes…Themify – Folo .  Understand this FOLO theme was just a starting place, and I knew it.  AND I wasn’t going to have to pay someone to make it mine.  Since then I have so many changes to my website that the original theme is barely noticeable.

Themify WordPress ThemesSo I’m not a hypocrite when I ask clients NOT to buy a theme before they contact me, since my theme cost me about $20 from .  I do hope they will allow me to find one that suits their current AND future needs.  I do offer this service as part of a web building package deal; which means I will find a theme that helps me create the best site in the least amount of time for MY client; even if we decide to use a paid theme.  This is just good business sense.

Don’t get me wrong here.  Free sites are not always the best either.  If the maker of your theme doesn’t keep up with the W3C changes, new devices that display websites, and legal compliance of websites… it will cost you more than a paid theme that is continually upgraded and supported.  This is one reason why I will continue to support since their WordPress dashboard (the way to manipulate everything on the site sectioned off in content, media, plugins, themes, and … everything one needs to sculpt their site) is very easy and intuitive to use making your website construction cost less.  Their themes are few, but varied.  Ther commitment to quality, compliance, and compatibility are unmatched.  

If you already have a theme, search for someone familiar with that theme's framework; like Themify, Genesis, iTheme, and other bigger theme designers that have multiple themes.  It will save you money since they won’t have to learn how to make it function like you want. It still astounds me how different each theme maker is when it comes to important things like their dashboards. 

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