Do you need a FB page?

Not a Facebook Account, but a Facebook Page.  Like the one’s above.  People and businesses can create pages on Facebook, and at this time there is no charge.  Pages can be extensions of your website.   A place where 1 Billion (as of Sept. 14th, 2012) people can “like” or comment or share about you/your product or service.

Who should you have one?  Many of my clients who don’t want to police their comments page, use a Facebook page where folks can comment about their product/service; it is an easy and quick way share with their friends about your announcements.  Your added benefit is that once they like your page, once you post something it shows up on their friends pages too.  It’s also an easy place to interact daily with your customers; you can get and send messages and more.

The people who don’t need a Facebook Page are businesses that don’t have time to interact with their client’s one on one… at least weekly.

Gaining Facebook Page likes may add a bit to your SEO, but it is not an easy chore.  A diligent regime of posting on other similar pages and creating a lot of integration with your site will help a lot.  Make sure customers have the chance to “like” you on other sites too.

Some things that have been successful on some of the Facebook Pages that I administer have been videos.  Videos are the new device to reach almost every demographic.

It is something that should be considered seriously in your marketing plan and budget.

Contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

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