Do I really need a website?

Believe it or not, some folks have asked me “Do I really need a website?”  The answer may surprise you because in some cases it is “No.”

If you have a product, book, or service to sell, you MUST be on the Internet.  But in some cases the best type of “Web Presence” may be as profiles on strategic sites.  One example, if you are a psychologist and would like more local clients, many states have sites that list specialists and information about them, all you need to do is register and create a profile.  There are also the national sites that can help too.  Yet if you want to expand your clientele to include folks across the country (cany you do Skype sessions, phone consultations, etc.), a website is a must.

Your profile and photo MUST be appropriate to the clientele you want to reach.  Not sure what you should have on your profiles?  It is best if you individualize the content you have for each site you post on.  Change it up a bit.  And don’t forget to check your competitors and see how and what they are doing.  Also, Google them to see the sites they are profiled on (you might find some more sites for your profile) and if they have a personal site.  Many professionals do this just to take the extra step to show clients how much they want to reach out to them.  It also has few if any limitations; where as many state and other service sites limit what you can say, show, and submit.

EVERY PROFESSIONAL OR PERSON LOOKING FOR A JOB OR A JOB PROMOTION OR CLIENTS OR CUSTOMERS MUST BE ON LINKEDIN!  There are many reasons for this.  If someone hears about you or found you on the web and likes your profile … they will Google you!  Did you know that Google gives more weight to web presence if it is also found on LinkedIN; they have discovered that LinkedIN is one of the first places people look for information on individuals they want to hire/buy from.  That is why your name would be higher on a Google search than someone else who isn’t on LinkedIN.  Did you know that globally LinkedIN is considered THE “social” site for business?!  Use all of the appropriate bells and whistles offered by LinkedIN; even the free account offers A LOT!  If you don’t have a website, this should be your web presence hub!  So keep it updated, fresh, and SEOed.  Need help, want some ideas?  You can always contact me.

Those who think having their own website would be more lucrative are those who are looking for clients (employers, patients, etc.) on a national or global level.  Can you Skype?  Can your service be administered over the phone?  Get a site.  If you have a book or product to sell…  getting a website up is almost a must unless your sales are enough to pay the bills.  And a website will offer you more freedom and creativity to reach out, interact, and share all the details about you and your service/product.

So why not create a “free” website?  The monthly hosting charge is very doable even for those with shoestring budgets.  There are pros and cons to this approach, check out DIY vs Freelance Help.

Contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

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