Competitive Optimization

Have you taken a look lately at your competitors’ sites?  A real deep look?  Have you compared the amount of different media they have, they type and freshness of their written content, which keywords they use, what their phrases they rank for, what niches do they use to spread the word, which social sites they have accounts on, … this is just the short list of what you need to know to create the best campaign to pass your competitors in website ranking.

The great thing is that there are all sorts of programs that can help you ascertain this information., gives a free report card for any business website.  Alexa is THE website that gives all sorts of info on all websites, including ranking.  Have you checked yourself out along with your competitors’ sites?  Do you know about Google Trends?  They say they can predict things like medical outbreaks because of what people are searching for; and this site has all that data for future trends!  This information may even help you find a new niche for your product.  On your RSS reader have you signed up for your competitors RSS feed?  WHY NOT!  It may give you insight to what they are doing/changing/upgrading/exploring… get it? compares search engine data on two sites… side by side!

So with all the free help to analyze your competitors, what can a freelancer like myself help you with?  Time.  I offer some basic, wide angle packages that will give you some of the basic information you can use to: get better SEO, develop a niche your competitors have overlooked, find ways to learn from your competitors mistakes and successes, to see how you fit into the big picture and gain more control over your ranking, etc.

Site Competitive Optimization Package:

This is a review and comparison of your site to those of your competitors and your web presence in general.  Understand you know your clients and business better than I, or any other web developer, ever will; but with this package I can compare your site and web presence to your competitors (1-3… the more competitors to compare, the more this will cost.)  Are you on the same social networks?  Are they using networks you never thought of?  Are you using the exact same keywords, can you plan around this?  Do you know what is being said about them: good or bad?  Can you out do their good press and learn from or shine with information about their bad press?

SCOP package includes:

Research and comparison of 1-3 competitors’ keywords, media content, social activity, website ranking, and as much analytics as possible.

Research of derogatory comments about your website/business, and suggestions for repair.  And, if requested, 1-2 competitors’ similar research.

Email report of findings and recommendations where applicable.

$$$Cost: $300-$2000 depending on the size and platform of the clients site.

Estimates are FREE

Discounts available: for recommendations and or endorsement via LinkedIN or email, after work is completed.

Contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

Just starting out and need more help now?  Check out my Finding Your First Keywords blog.

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