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SEO Security

With constant changes on how they compute who gets the top billing when folks type in search queries, the major search engines keep SEO in flux.  As recently as December 2012 Google made changes to their “search quality”; more specifically their search algorithm!  Then there are the new players in the game.  Since Google now […]

Web Presence Tweaked

Do you have a LinkedIN page? Are you an Author who sells your book(s) on; did you know about their Author Central? In every online profile you have are you using all the free bells and whistles offered by that site to make you stand out? Are you on all the sites you need […]

Website Automation

I will admit there is no way I can cover all the different ways to use plugins the WordPress platform, and other online services, offer to automate your website.  I do know what my clients like and use regularly.  But there is so much more it gives me goose-bumps.  As I explore and test more, […]

Is your Twitter Tweaked?

The profile tweaks that Twitter offers their account holders can help you stand out, if not expand your brand.  One of the most noticeable is the background tweak.  Yep, you can create a new background, use one of their backgrounds, or even buy a somewhat unique background online. Your profile pic can be more than […]

Do you need a FB page?

Not a Facebook Account, but a Facebook Page.  Like the one’s above.  People and businesses can create pages on Facebook, and at this time there is no charge.  Pages can be extensions of your website.   A place where 1 Billion (as of Sept. 14th, 2012) people can “like” or comment or share about you/your product […]

Website Multimedia

Alright, everyone knows original written content is the backbone of SEO.  But continual, original, multimedia content is not something your small business needs to do without, especially website multimedia.  Now-a-days it IS affordable, but is it right for your product, your clients?  Can you do it without looking cheesy? In blogs already found on my […]

Newsletter Dynamics

Do you know about (e)Newsletters?  You know the fancy emails you find in your inbox reminding you of how wonderful that product/company/blogger is, encouraging you to come back; sometimes even offering incentives.  Well (e)Newsletters can be dynamic as well.  In this case, I’m using Dynamic to describe an ever changing nature.  With products like […]

Content Catastrophe

Original content and a continued effort to reach out to clients/customers instead of expecting, hoping, using all your energy in getting them to find you in a search engine result is not counter productive to SEO ranking; it is the reason you have a website, or is it?  Are you on the Internet to place […]