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SEO Security

With constant changes on how they compute who gets the top billing when folks type in search queries, the major search engines keep SEO in flux.  As recently as December 2012 Google made changes to their “search quality”; more specifically their search algorithm!  Then there are the new players in the game.  Since Google now […]

Multi-media SEO

A picture is worth a thousand words; well actually when it comes to media on your website that sort of works in reverse.  You know that graphics, especially infographics, and video are hot now-a-days.  But did you know that too many graphics and videos can hurt your site’s ranking?  The search engine bots love things […]

LIVE! Web Audio.

If you have a lot to say; if you know that your voice is mesmerizing enough to generate sales; or if you just want to be able to connect with your clients more directly… consider what LIVE! Internet can do.  And most of the sites/venues offer some type of FREE version.  And many offer two […]

What Can I Say?!

For most, finding ways to add audio to your site is simple.  Read your site out loud, talk about industry news, tell your story, share testimonials of your product, do an interview, or generate your own podcasts.  If you are one of those folks, like me, who prefers to stay out of the lime light; […]