Budget Support

Budget Support

Besides my Scalability and my Package Deals, I can help your bottom line in many ways. Automation: WordPress has almost an unlimited number of plugins that automate things like: publishing posts, tweeting and re-tweeting older posts, automated editing creates excerpts, one searches the trending topic on Twitter and sends a tweet if it finds a […]

Scalable Budget

Simply put whether it is… One TASK, a detailed PROJECT, or a reoccurring ASSIGNMENT or DEADLINES: firm, flexible, scheduled, or at set budget limitations; my Scalable services means SCALABLE PRICES. And package deals to boot. Competitive Optimization Site Compliance Site Documentation New/Migrated WordPress sites Maintenance Packages; monthly, quarterly, annually. Contact me for budget friendly help […]

Competitive Optimization

Have you taken a look lately at your competitors’ sites?  A real deep look?  Have you compared the amount of different media they have, they type and freshness of their written content, which keywords they use, what their phrases they rank for, what niches do they use to spread the word, which social sites they […]

Web Training Options

Join.me is just one way I can teach you or your staff to be website DIYers.  Web training may not be a part of most developers services, but I enjoy it. Why?  Doesn’t training others to do my type of work cost me jobs?  No. Just look around, there is more work on the Internet […]

Website Automation

I will admit there is no way I can cover all the different ways to use plugins the WordPress platform, and other online services, offer to automate your website.  I do know what my clients like and use regularly.  But there is so much more it gives me goose-bumps.  As I explore and test more, […]

Backup AND Documentation

Backup of a site is pretty self-explanatory, yet there are variables to consider and schedules to be set.  Many backup plugins offer to back up to your host server or a remote account, like Dropbox.  Then you can decide to backup just your data or the whole site; the rule of thumb here is to […]

New Website? Which Format?

Let’s make sure we are all on the same page first.  Understand a website has 3 basic elements to reside on the Internet. A domain name that has to be registered with a domain name registrar.  They are the folks who keep your domain name so no one else can claim or use it.  There […]

Don’t Buy A Theme!

There are more WordPress themes available than anyone can completely comprehend: free themes, in-expensive themes, expensive themes, and (best of all) a theme made for your specifications.  This last one is WordPress’s standard “Twenty Eleven” theme.  It is basic yet: updated, ready for mobile devices, and more versatile than many paid themes.  But basic design […]

What will video do for me?

Quickly: VIDEO attracts the younger “visual” learners; 2012 stats show that YouTube is 3rd most visited site, handles 10% of ALL Internet traffic with 2 billion views per day.  More stats here. VIDEO builds your search results, with Google owning YouTube and a plethora of stats touting the popularity of search for videos, videos originating […]

Budget Friendly Media Musts

You know that graphics, especially infographics, and video are hot now-a-days.  But you don’t have a media department.  So what do you need and how much of it on a shoestring budget?  Each has its purpose and each will offer different clientele a new perspective.  Well, there are a few items that you should consider. […]