Dynamic Websites

Why WordPress!

Why do I specialize only in WordPress?  It is #1 for a reason.  : being the largest and most flexible free website platform is just the start.  There are more plugins for functions, styling, forms, etc., than most developers know about; and help for each (except for some themes and plugins; keep reading, details in […]

SEO Security

With constant changes on how they compute who gets the top billing when folks type in search queries, the major search engines keep SEO in flux.  As recently as December 2012 Google made changes to their “search quality”; more specifically their search algorithm!  Then there are the new players in the game.  Since Google now […]

Multi-media SEO

A picture is worth a thousand words; well actually when it comes to media on your website that sort of works in reverse.  You know that graphics, especially infographics, and video are hot now-a-days.  But did you know that too many graphics and videos can hurt your site’s ranking?  The search engine bots love things […]

Website Automation

I will admit there is no way I can cover all the different ways to use plugins the WordPress platform, and other online services, offer to automate your website.  I do know what my clients like and use regularly.  But there is so much more it gives me goose-bumps.  As I explore and test more, […]

“Impossible”… HA!

A client had a bad experience migrating his website to WordPress. He wanted the new site to look as much like his old site as possible.  Here is what he got on the first part of the process with another developer. To some degree this difference was understandable, sidebars are widgets.  Widgets can be tricky […]

*FREE SB $97 theme

This theme came to my attention quite a while ago, and continues to impress me as time goes on.  It is, hands down, the best theme for brick and mortar stores!! It is not a free theme, unless you buy some licenses and give them to your clients (like I do).  Buying it outright is […]

Update and Upgrade Procedures

This is one of the few bad things about WordPress.  Depending on the size and complexity of your site… you can have weekly upgrades/updates to your plugins, your theme, or the 2-3 times a year WordPress updates its platform.  Not to mention the upgrades and updates done by your host provider; which they do, but […]

Fixed Codes

When it comes to hacked sites, most developers consider this a bitter-sweet situation.  You never hope your client’s website is hacked, but if it is there is no better rush than when you fix it and defeat them!  As for me, I get the same high when I fix bad code and make the site […]

Websites from Scratch

Whether DIY or freelance, what do you need to create an effective website from scratch?  Well, a good outline of content and function after learning the basics possibilities available in each platform can save more money than you can imagine.  Such planning will get a professional looking site at a fraction of the cost… even […]

48 hour website!

Due to the logical and organizational skills of one client, I was able to do a site from scratch in two days!  This is the type of organization that saves time and money.  This type of focus can help you create your site faster with fewer revisions. Her outline included: Page name and order (including […]