Resolute Research

Web Presence Tweaked

Do you have a LinkedIN page? Are you an Author who sells your book(s) on; did you know about their Author Central? In every online profile you have are you using all the free bells and whistles offered by that site to make you stand out? Are you on all the sites you need […]

Research your Search

What the heck?!  Yeah, yeah, searching pages of Google results can be mind-numbing; but searching with your keywords/terms isn’t enough.  You are missing out on so much; you will be amazed when you try this search tip. Example: I was looking to be an editor or writer once I was laid off, so I searched […]

Does Your Website Reach THERE?

Do you know what you need to know about your customers/potential customers?  If you have a database of any kind you may know where they live, what their email address is, etc.  But do you know which device they use to view your site?  Do you know how they find you the most?  Do you […]

Web Search 101

I searched for a new career for almost 10 months.  I was on the computer 8-10 hours a day, every day.  There was so much duplication, so much crap out there that it took everything in me not to quit.  (Actually I just used my cold, calculating and insensitive “laid-off” letter to motivate me.)  But […]

Research Riches

What you don’t know can make you invisible!  Research, done right, is always full of riches.  Let me ask you… Are your competitors using your keywords? Are some of their blogs getting more hits than your whole site? Do you know which browser, device, and time of day your customers are finding you? What can […]

Off-site SEO

As you may know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is ruled by algorithms, which take into consideration many variables before the final list of links to the query is generated. Did you know Google has discovered many users count on LinkedIN as a vital source for many decisions?  So people with a LinkedIN Profile place higher […]

Blogging, a marketing must

Blogging is best used as a marketing tool.  With WordPress automation, when you post a blog (which can be written then scheduled months in advance) it can be structured to automatically post a short description (with or without the title) to anyone of a number of your social networks.  You can even automatically reschedule these […]

Website Clickability

There are ways to test your website for many things.  It is not only important for you to know how your clients/customers find you (SEO), but what they use to interpret your treasures.  In other words: which browser do they use most, which devices do they log on with, etc. Most of these links are […]

Marketing Questions 101

Here are some things you may want to consider when formulating your marketing strategy, and the more details the better.  You will also want to make certain that anyone you assign your regularly scheduled marketing tasks to know the importance of each of the answers to these questions.  Don’t think this is the full list.  […]