Device graphics

With updated photos of the latest devices, I’ll be your website or social site would look great in there.

Busy Graphics

Graphics can be as busy as you need them.  Some times this is good if it is something on every page, and each time visitors see it they notice something else.


This demonstrates the original website and the e-newsletter template I created for the client.

Custom graphics

This is what I do most, using photos from, I customize them for the client’s website or social network… etc.

Offsite Links

Graphics you create on other sites to provide clickable links to that info/social connection.

My Cartoon

123rd photo/graphic and my Adobe Creative Suite additions.  Just some fun.

My Infographic

An info graphic to show what I do along with everything else.  It was my purse, too.

PDF Graphic

You can use graphics to give a miniature view of the downloadable PDF or other file.

Photo Mapping

Website Screenshots that can have multiple links on one graphic; its called photo mapping. This can include “click here” arrows with more info!  Sorry not this one, but keep checking back.