Offer Downloads to your visitors!

Downloads are a big draw, if they are done right and with the utmost of professionalism.  Also, have you ever signed up for a newsletter? Maybe you could use some download help for your website. Do you have some good content, maybe a blog that gets more hits than your competitors whole site?  Why not […]

Do you NEED to be on LinkedIN?

YES!  Are you trying to get hired or a promotion? Are you selling a book, product, or service? Are you doing business in any way online? If you answered Yes to any of the questions above and are still wondering “Do you need to be on LinkedIN?” Well… Because: 1) It is a professional site […]

Why WordPress!

Why do I specialize only in WordPress?  It is #1 for a reason.  : being the largest and most flexible free website platform is just the start.  There are more plugins for functions, styling, forms, etc., than most developers know about; and help for each (except for some themes and plugins; keep reading, details in […]

Web Experience

Want to know about my web experience? First off Google me for the full list.  December 2010, I Googled myself a few days after I was laid off and found 3 results… UGH.  Now, WOW; and I’m not done yet!  But below are some highlights of my Web Developer stats. Websites I’m Managing: Note […]

Site Compliancy

There are basically three ways you need to keep your website in check: W3C, Internet law, Device/browser compliant.  These need to be checked and updated regularly. W3C: If you don’t know, W3C is the group of folks who service the web and keep it running as smoothly as possible.  They are the ones who set […]

Finding Your First Keywords

Where do you start?  Ask yourself what you would type into a search engine to find what you have to offer?  Better yet, kill two birds with one stone; type in words that would describe your competitors without using their names! Bookmark this search (it is filled with riches that takes time to mine).  For […]

Competitive Optimization

Have you taken a look lately at your competitors’ sites?  A real deep look?  Have you compared the amount of different media they have, they type and freshness of their written content, which keywords they use, what their phrases they rank for, what niches do they use to spread the word, which social sites they […]

W3C Compliant

If you don’t know, W3C is the group of folks who help make the web function and keep it running as smoothly as possible.  They are the ones who set the standards and, from time to time, raise them.  On their site they offer an unbelievable number of free site checks. So if you are […]

LIVE! on YouTube

Yep, you can go live now on YouTube with your Google + account or business page.  YouTube is reporting 3 billion hours of video streamed per day. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that for their business? Think of it, you can now partner with the biggest video network in the world, ranked #3 in […]

Marketing LIVE!

Having worked in broadcasting for 30+ years let me tell you there is LIVE and “as if Live”, both get a lot of attention.  And with the Internet, the number of sites that will stream (and record for later playback) your product launch for free, the number and functionality of mobile devices… there is no […]