Meet Den

Legally I’m Denise Pikey; but I prefer to be called “Den”. Even though I’m not one much for being in the limelight, I understand that folks do need to know who they are hiring, as much as what the person can do. So feel free to read about my accomplishments/history/passions, download a “limited” resume, and […]

Web Experience

Want to know about my web experience? First off Google me for the full list.  December 2010, I Googled myself a few days after I was laid off and found 3 results… UGH.  Now, WOW; and I’m not done yet!  But below are some highlights of my Web Developer stats. Websites I’m Managing: Note […]

Competitive Optimization

Have you taken a look lately at your competitors’ sites?  A real deep look?  Have you compared the amount of different media they have, they type and freshness of their written content, which keywords they use, what their phrases they rank for, what niches do they use to spread the word, which social sites they […]

Site Assessment

Would you like to know… –Is my site compatible with mobile devices?  If so, which ones? –Are states or other governing agencies blocking my site since I don’t comply with their Website laws?  Or is the US government looking to shut me down because I don’t meet THEIR requirements? –What keywords are my competitors using? […]

What is BD?

Simply put, its Bullheaded Determination.  And even though some competitors and co-workers have seen this as a detriment or pain in their you know what; deadlines, employers, and clients’ best interests find it a sorely needed ethic in this day and age. This DOES NOT mean I get in my own way, nor do I […]

A Limited Resume

For personal security/privacy reasons you’ll only find a limited resume here. A full and complete one can be had by contacting me.  Or check out my LinkedIn page that has more job skills information.  The social buttons above are quick links to all of my social venues.  

Why THIS SITE: The Short Mission Statement

Okay, all sites have to begin somewhere.  Truth be known, I have clients already and more asking about my video productions so I had to have a place to display these large files… so jump-starting this website a bit early was almost a necessity.  The first time I logged onto the World Wide Web, I […]