Budget Support

Besides my Scalability and my Package Deals, I can help your bottom line in many ways.

Automation: WordPress has almost an unlimited number of plugins that automate things like: publishing posts, tweeting and re-tweeting older posts, automated editing creates excerpts, one searches the trending topic on Twitter and sends a tweet if it finds a related blog on your website, posting your blog on your Facebook page, create e-newsletters from your blogs, and soooo much more.

Training: we can do this via Join.me, Skype, or other such online connections.  Show and tell, ask and answer.

Free info: If you need some free information about anything offered on my site, try using the search bar on the upper left of each page.  And you can always follow me on twitter; I love to share free web developer help sites when I find them.  Some are so good I re-tweet them.

Site Documentation: This is usually an overlooked procedure that can save time and money when migrating a site or making major changes to one.  It is a package deal that creates PDF’s of each page and internal linked pages, so that all your site is available to read or copy or whatever you need.  It is best done when you are going to make major changes, like deleting pages with lots of internal links or migrating your site to WP or just wanting an easy to view, off-line version of your website.

Contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

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