Budget Friendly Media Musts

You know that graphics, especially infographics, and video are hot now-a-days.  But you don’t have a media department.  So what do you need and how much of it on a shoestring budget?  Each has its purpose and each will offer different clientele a new perspective.  Well, there are a few items that you should consider.

Favicon: You need a favicon.  It is basically your logo or a simpler representation of it that shows up on the address bar of each of your website pages; it also shows up alongside bookmarks.  It is a simple quick way for folks to know it is your web presence they are accessing.  I have created a few, some can be seen above.  If you create this yourself make it perfectly square, then resize it to 16px x 16px, then you can convert it to an .ico here.

Animation: these can be bought or designed with Adobe flash or other such programs. They can be simple .gif or more elaborate flash, java, or shockwave platforms.  Simple gifs seem to work with a lot more browsers than some of the other platforms that require that the browser have installed a specific player.  Videos can cause your site to load slowly if you have a lot of them (I’m not talking about the links you have to YouTube videos) and be more expensive, so gifs may be a good substitution.  I have been using animated gifs since it is something I am familiar with: here is one and here is another at the top of the page.

Graphics: which is quicker a graphic that shows your product/service in action, or reading about it? Enough said.  But the hot graphic of today are infographics.  I’m not really fond of the ones that are very busy, and yet these are the best if your customer is going to be looking at it over and over or for a long time.  They discover more and more as time goes on.  Here is a good example of an infographic and here is one of mine.  These are relatively easy to create with many different free or inexpensive programs.

Video: Did you know YouTube is the 3rd most used visited site?  Because of their popularity, websites with links to their channels place higher on search engine results!  Video is more personal, usually quicker to understand, and much easier to retain than any other medium… for most folks.  Having your own YouTube channel is even better.   You not only get more web presence, but better ranking with Google.  Yes Google owns it, but they have found that many folks START their searches there; so any product/book/service/brand that is found there… well it gets higher SEO and rightly so.

Contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

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