Book Author Help

If you are selling a book on, you NEED to embrace Author Central! offers free Authors bios in their Author Central page.  The page includes places to have your blog posted and updated; places for videos; ALL of your books including all of the formats they are available in; a place to display your tweets and blog; and even comments from readers.  All in one spot!

Then you can post a link to this page almost anywhere… everywhere on the Internet.  Talk about web presence!  If you wrote a book and plan on offering it on Amazon you need to check in here.

Your book may be posted on other sites, like with your publisher and other sites that sell it.  Make certain your profiles are up to date on all of them.  It is best to have a LinkedIN account where you can display all of this together.  And if you have more than one book, you really need to have a website.  On each of the venues listed above you are limited as to the type or even the amount of content you can display.  Not on your own website.

If you are unsure, feel free to contact me.

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