Backup AND Documentation

Backup of a site is pretty self-explanatory, yet there are variables to consider and schedules to be set.  Many backup plugins offer to back up to your host server or a remote account, like Dropbox.  Then you can decide to backup just your data or the whole site; the rule of thumb here is to back up data daily and the full site weekly.  Many host providers also offer such services.  Make certain that the backup system you use has a quick and easy way to “restore” your site to an earlier backup, otherwise these backups don’t really help when you need it most.

Documentation is something used by those who aren’t interested in the geeky side of their website.  Did you know you can copy a site without access to the dashboard and or host directory?  This is time consuming but in many cases is far better than the features like import/export on WordPress or “migrate” features on backup plugins.  What can site documentation do for you?

If you move a site from one platform to another and don’t have documentation of the old site (and import/export won’t do since the old platform isn’t compatible with the new platform, and the new site isn’t all that you expected it to be… documentation will save all your data and old urls so you can make your new site function, and in some cases look exactly like, your old site.  Another good reason to document your old site is if you are not going to carry over some of the old content.  Such data can be updated and used again or used for books, for historical reference, etc.  This isn’t difficult, but it is time consuming and it helps if you have a system that easily tracks pages url’s and internal links.  The trick is this must be done BEFORE migration or major upgrades/updates.

Another use for documentation is so that you have access to a PDF copy of the old site to view/peruse anytime you need: for litigation, content used for creating books, for historical reference, etc..  PDF even copies the links and photos!  Website forms functions, do not copy that well; but in many cases the thorough preliminary documentation can help you retain its functions and/or where the information needs to go.  For my clients, they get continual access to the old site content and more for as long as they want.  I use Dropbox which allows me to give them access to read or copy the PDFs and other files to a new location.

One final use is for litigation.  The documentation created by my process is easily readable and understandable by anyone.  There’s no coding or other geeky info in these documents; unless you consider urls geeky.

I do offer a special deal for this package.

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