Automatic Newsletters

Most website platforms offer ways to automatically post your blog titles and links on the major social networks; where you have an account.  But marketing is so much more, especially if you have a new product/business.

E-Newsletters are an important part of every marketing campaign.  Not only do your new/potential clients get the ability to “opt in”, you get a direct connection to their inbox!  Newsletters can be about discounts or industry news or product updates or how-to details, etc. These can be written as short blogs, then set up to automatically post on your social networks as well sent out as an e-newsletter.  The full automation (just write and publish your blogs) of the newsletter is only available on MailChimp… but there are other plugins.  But with little effort accounts in other such email services like Constant Contact, can generate newsletters.

Just think of the time and cost savings.  You don’t need a staff, just write one or two blogs per week (in one sitting write 12-24 of them to be published on your site over 3 months), upload to your WordPress site, set their publication schedule, and go back to doing business; let your WordPress website and plugins do the rest.

There is one more thing you will need to do, create your newsletter theme.  Most folks can do this with the major email services; WordPress allows you to create customized email responses when folks sign-up for your newsletters too; there is also an “Easy Automatic Newsletter Lite” plugin for those who don’t want a contract with one of the bulk emailing services.  As you can see above, I have created a lot of newsletter themes/templates, all for $20-$40.  Making your newsletter template look as much like your website as possible is essential.

Oh, by the way did I mention all of these are free plugins and MailChimp even offers a free account for up to 2,000 subscribers or 12,000 emails a month.  And the evolution of the e-newsletter and WordPress is still evolving.

May I mention that I have created a number of newsletter themes (seen left) using:, Constant Contact, and even MailChimp. But I haven’t run across an email service that doesn’t allow for HTML (many also allow CSS) access to create a template that looks just like you want!

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