Audio Editing, making you sound better.

This is the least used of my services, and yet it should be taken seriously since video is not as interesting without it.  The fact is that editing audio for time and to clean up the noticeable noises keeps your listeners from being distracted or thinking media is amateurish; it is also important as another way to interact with your clients/customers/followers.  Most of my clients have started with an mp3 version, added video content so they could offer each to their visitors.  The fact is there are people who prefer audio over video, and there are purposes for each.  I will admit in this day of YouTube and cell phone video, “raw” audio may be what you are looking for.  But if you are interested in cleaning up your audio, here are a few samples of what I can do.

I can remove noisy distractions:

Popping BEFORE

Popping AFTER Edit   :-)

I always want my clients to sound their best:

Speaking Snafoo BEFORE

Speaking Beautifully AFTER Editing  :-)

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