Q: What is PowerPoinT?

A: Wasted on the Boardroom

If you haven’t heard since MS Office 2012 PowerPoint Presentations can now go viral!  The 2010 version isn’t just for combining charts and videos from the Internet.  It’s a great way to create videos that can be displayed on almost every social site out there.  And media can be create for your site that offers… product demonstrations or instruction all with text and music and… well a whole production studio!  Talk about getting double duty out of your dollar.

In PowerPoint 2010, PPT presentations can be saved in .wmv format.  Videos from the web can be embedded into the presentation.  It can be your way of making a visual point, and there is even free Microsoft PPT training available on Microsoft’s website to help you be the most creative possible.

The reason I am including this video version of one of my PPT presentations here, is to show what it looks like and point out that I do PowerPoint too.  It is an amazing product, it’s so similar to what I did as a Technical Director except with PPT you get to be the Producer, Director, Graphic Artist, and Audio TOO!  :-)))  The video below is a PPT that I created for a client to showcase her press kit.  The great thing is it can also go with you to your client’s office even if they don’t have WiFi or any web connection.

Powerpoint VIDEO presentation… VIVA PPT 2010!

Note this is on my YouTube channel!  It can also be placed as a LIVE! Interactive slideshow, i.e. your customer can interact with by clicking when they are ready to see the next slide by putting it up on sites like slideshare.net; which can also be embedded on other participating sites.  Sites like LinkedIN allow you to directly upload ppt files.  And if you don’t have Microsoft Office 2010, you can create a PowerPoint type presentation free on Google docs.  Now go get those photos and “Quite on the set.  Scene one, Take one”.