Hourly Rate + Payment Policies


All Prices are US Dollar, other currency are not currently accepted.

Currently my hourly rate is $30,

with the smallest charge being $10.

All clients must agree to the rules and policies on this page prior to any work being done.


There are two hard and fast rules for all work performed: 1) a client is never charged for the time it takes for me to learn a new venue/program; and 2) even if a NEW task/assignment/project takes us only 10 minutes to finish, the minimum charged will be $10 USD (this does not apply with Package Deals).

Be aware that some conversations describing contractual arrangements via phone or online may be  recorded.  Copies of such recordings can be sent to clients upon request.  Such recordings will adhere to our Privacy Policies.

Photos purchased on behalf of the client (usually from 123rf.com) are not the property of the client.  By using such photos/graphics the client agrees to abide by the suppliers terms (123rf.com “Standard” Royalty Free terms). The website must include the information about the photo coming from 123rf and credit in the description of the photo, the client agrees not to remove such content.  In the event they do they can not hold Den Pikey or 123rf.com liable for any legal claims brought against them by the maker of the photo/graphic. The same photo may ALSO be purchased again for other clients.  Any photos purchased by DenPikey.com are NOT to be used as logos, in any printed material, or anywhere other than in digital form on the website for the duration of the website; even if Den Pikey stops working for the client.

Den Pikey reserves the right to publish on her website clients’ non-proprietary details about projects/the work she has done for them.  Such information will include links to the clients sites or other web presence websites that Den has worked on in their behalf.  Understand, NO information will be published that in any way doesn’t strictly adhere to DenPikey.com’s Privacy Policy, Site Terms, or Copyright Policy.   All clients have the right to request this not be done, Den Pikey agrees to respect such requests if LinkedIN recommendations without Discounts are made in exchange.


Invoices are sent out around the first each month for the previous month via PayPal or emailed Invoice; you do not need a PayPal account to make payments.  Payment is expected within 2 weeks of receipt of invoice, or upon due date… which ever is later.


Clients have up to the 30th of each month to dispute any charges or, if I agree, to schedule a time after the 30th to discuss such concerns, but all such negotiations must conclude within 60 days of the date of the invoice unless Arbitration is initiated.


If clients cannot pay the bill by the 30th, we reserve the right to discontinue any work on any project ordered by that client immediately.  Any items supplied by the client for our use to help complete or add to the final product will not be released until such back invoices are paid in full, or legal Arbitration judgments are fulfilled by both parties.


There are a multitude of Package Deals, even one you can build yourself. All of which offer deep, if not substantial, discounts.

$20 – $50 Discounts are available for recommendations and/or referrals on Den Pikey’s current Social sites (like LinkedIN), but must be okayed by Den Pikey to receive Discount. They need to be truthful and inclusive of terms used on this website that describe her skills/package deals/etc. This excludes Den Pikey’s right to (without offering or giving discounts) post herself project information on her website or other social sites.

Den Pikey reserves the right to refuse any recommendations/referrals without giving a reason why. Discounts will ONLY be paid as deductions from monthly invoices, no discount will be issued to anyone who is NOT a client with at least one paid invoice of $50 or more. Again: ALL discounts must be mutually agreed to PRIOR to implementation, or posting, etc.; Den Pikey reserves the right NOT to issue ANY discount.