48 hour website!

Due to the logical and organizational skills of one client, I was able to do a site from scratch in two days!  This is the type of organization that saves time and money.  This type of focus can help you create your site faster with fewer revisions.

Her outline included:

Page name and order (including if it was a sub-page of the main navigation menu).

Navigation info. Details about how the main and sub navigation menus/bars should look and whether they were horizontal or vertical.

Photos, graphics and videos.  Where they went on which pages and what location on each page.

Written content documents for each page with necessary links already in the document (MS Word offers this function in their document editing).  Or if this is a migration you can include links to the pages you want copied and details about which page of your new site gets which content.

List of what still is needed to be created/written: like logos, favicons, infographics, extra pictures from web providers like 123rf.com, and/or who will be responsible for these.

Some overall observations:

Use the exact name of the files you refer to unless they are obviously “the only one with me wearing a pink scarf”.

Provide links to the other sites as examples of what you want; don’t hesitate to use your competitor’s sites for what you do and don’t want on your new site. A list of things to change and NOT change on your current site is a must.

Don’t buy a theme before you talk to your web developer.  Many times, especially if it is someone with some experience, they can work from a good, well-supported free theme.  Or a theme that will work great for you that they are familiar with (this will speed up the process, therefore costing less).  The truth is WordPress themes are made for the DIYers or for the less experienced designers/developers.  A good WordPress freelancer will consider the look as well as the necessary function of a theme before they recommend it for your site.  Colors, sliding graphics, forms, galleries, e-commerce, dropdown menus, and more can all be added to any theme.  But choosing a theme that not only offers you some of your design elements and functions you need, now and down the road, may be best decided WITH your website designer/developer.

Contact me for budget friendly help with your website or web presence: Management, Maintenance, or Marketing.

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